A Dog’s Best Friends

By Georgie Gurl

When you’re a young girl, there’s nothing quite as important as your best friend. Lucky pup that I am, I have four.

Before I tell you about them, I’d like to share my simple two-part philosophy on friendship.

  1. Don’t take your friends for granted. (I know this because I spent the first 14 weeks of my life in a cage all by myself without a friend in the world and it sucked).
  2. Always try to be the kind of friend you’d want to have.

Since I can’t talk, I can’t do all of the things that best friends normally do, but I try to make up for it in other ways.

I can’t tell secrets, for example, but I can keep them really well.

I can’t cry with you when you’ve had an awful day, but I can lick your face and put my paw on your knee to let you know I feel your pain.

I can’t laugh, either, but I can do silly things to make my friends laugh. When I’ve got that crazy grin on my face, that’s my way of laughing.

Anyway, back to my four best friends.

Lamb Chop

I met my first bestie unexpectedly, right after I moved to Jurassic Park about a year ago.

In fact, I wasn’t even potty trained yet, when my Aunt Dina took her out of a bag and threw her at me.

“Georgie, meet Lamb Chop!” she said.

She was stunning. All white, except for her fancy red paws, her scarlet tongue and her two coal black eyes. The first time I looked into those eyes, I knew she could see right into my soul.

FullSizeRender (44)
Hanging with Lamb Chop last Christmas.

At first, I thought we might have communication difficulties, but when I squeezed her, Lamb Chop squeaked. That’s how we still communicate today. I touch her. She squeaks. I touch her again. She squeaks again. We have beautiful conversations.

Our favorite game involves me running all around the house with Lamb Chop in my mouth. I know she loves it as much as I do because she squeaks in delight the whole time.

Oh, what good times we have.

When we aren’t playing our favorite game, we like to cuddle and I use her as a pillow. Everyone should have a best friend who doubles as a pillow sometimes. That’s true friendship.

Ivy The Aussie-Doodle

My second bestie is a real dog. Her name is Ivy.

We met in the neighborhood almost a year ago and our connection was instantaneous. I think it’s because we have so much in common. We’re both medium-sized, fun-loving and gorgeous!

We also play well together. We can wrestle and chase each other for hours and never get tired.

FullSizeRender (45).jpg
Ivy and me in our younger days.

Ivy loves to grab my harness and pull me around the yard, prancing like a happy Clydesdale. Since I’m shorter than Ivy, I like to run under her legs and throw her equilibrium off. My other signature move is the butt swing. I just swing my big butt around and BAM! Checkmate, Ivy!

If Ivy and I we were humans, she’d be the friend I go clubbing and shopping with, and we’d probably get in fights over boys. Right, Benito?

The Belles

My other besties are two little humans. Their names are Annabelle and Isabelle, or as their Mommy sometimes calls them, “the Belles.”

I’m pretty sure they are princesses, because they are always at the Magic Kingdom, and they’re also really pretty, sweet and kind. And that’s royalty in my book.

The best thing about the Belles is that they don’t treat me any differently even though I’m a dog.

They always say “Hi, Georgie” and include me in all their games. My favorite one is tag, but I also love to play “baby.” In that game, I’m the lost baby and I run back and forth to them as they call me. It’s spectacular.

My human besties, the Belles.

I know they love me as much as I love them, because they dressed up as me at school recently. I wish my name was Georgiebelle and we could be triplets.

It’s too bad everyone doesn’t have friends like Annabelle and Isabelle. If they did, there wouldn’t be any sad or lonely kids in this world.

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